Chisso Corporation is a pioneer in the Japanese Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) industry and has long and deep experiences in the fields of PVC production, compounding and processing. The Chisso Advanced PVC Process is the result of intensive research and development work carried out by Chisso for more than a half century. The features of PVC Process are High Quality Products, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Process, Low Production Cost and Low Investment Cost.

〓 Advantages of Chisso Process

High Quality Products

The Chisso Process produces high quality products, each of which has unique physical properties such as better transparency, high heat stability, excellent weatherability, superior electrical properties, surpassing processibility, and excellent gelation.

Consequently Chisso PVC has consistently satisfied all of its customers throughout the world. The Process can produce various grades of PVC with K-values ranging from 58 to 74 General homopolymers and special grades of PVC including high-K value, law K-values and matted type PVC.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly Process

The Chisso Process is designed and operated to high safety and pollution standards, based on Chisso's long and rich experience.

A basically closed system is used throughout the entire process plant.

Low Production Cost

By exhaustive recovery of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and energy savings, the Chisso Process minimizes the consumption of raw materials and utilities.

With the adoption of a highly automated control system the Process can be operated by a few individuals.

This results in the low production costs of PVC.

Low Investment Cost

The Chisso process has been continuously improved so that the higher productivity can be accomplished in tandem with compact facilities and antifouling technology.

The process plant is comprised of unique equipment skillfully and carefully engineered by CHISSO ENGINEERING CO., LTD. utilizing its expertise of chemical engineering which has been accumulated over 50 years of practical project engineering.

A Chisso Process PVC plant can be established with a relatively low investment outlay.

Chisso has successfully licensed the PVC Process 19 times worldwide.

The capacity of Chisso PVC process which has been licensed in the world is more than 2,650,000 tons, 1,830,000 tons of which in Mainland China.

The Chisso PVC Process involves the innovative VCM Removal Processas one of key technologies, which is the proprietary continuous process to remove unreacted VCM from aqueous PVC slurry.

Chisso has also licensed the VCM Removal Process to many PVC producers in the world. For more detail information, please refer to VCM Removal.